2024 Candidate Statements

Neil Faiman -- Candidate Statement

Neil FaimanI’m Neil Faiman, and I’m running for re-election to a three-year term on the Wilton Planning Board.

My wife and I moved to Wilton with our kindergarten-age daughter 37 years ago. Not long after moving to Town, I read a letter in the Milford Cabinet from a Wilton Planning Board member urging citizens to participate in town government. I was persuaded. I was appointed to the Zoning Board in 1989. Shortly afterward, I began attending Planning Board meetings,  became an alternate member, and then was elected as a regular member.

On the Planning Board, I have participated in revisions to Wilton’s Master Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Land Use Regulations, as well as hearing more subdivision and site plan applications than I could count. When I joined the Planning Board, I had little knowledge of the Town or planning, but a willingness to learn. Thirty years later, I have a deep knowledge of the Ordinance, Regulations, and relevant statutes. I have the memory of land use decisions that we have made in the past, and how they have shaped the land use of today. I am able to address each case before the Board with a commitment to impartially apply the rules, as well as a clear understanding of the rules that apply.

I hope that you will vote for me to continue contributing to the Planning Board and the Town for another three years.

Alec MacMartin – Candidate Statement

Alec MacMartinMy name is J. Alexander MacMartin, Jr. (Alec). I am running for a 3 Year Term on the Wilton Planning Board. I believe in volunteering to give back to my community. I have been an active Wilton Planning Board member for 40 years, since 1984. I currently serve as Co-Chair, but have served many times as Chair. I am a retired NH Real Estate and Estate Planning attorney, after a 40 year career. My wife and I have lived here since 1979. We have two married adult children and 2 granddaughters.

As a Planning Board member, I have worked to keep Wilton’s Zoning Ordinance and Regulations up to date with NH law, and to incorporate the recommendations made by the Master Plan. In the 1980’s, I participated in the initial adoption of Wilton’s Master Plan as a Planning Board member, and have participated in the periodic updating of the Master Plan, which incorporates community input collected by the Planning Board in working with the Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC). This community input is then used to help guide the recommendations for future changes to the Wilton Zoning Ordinance and Regulations, to shape Wilton’s future as envisioned by its residents. I fundamentally believe that it is important to treat each Applicant before the Board equally, and that each Application is given fair consideration. I have a good working relationship with Planning Board members, other Town Boards, and Wilton Town Office Staff and Administrators. I believe I have the time and ability to continue making a commitment to the time requirements of this position. Also, as an “old timer” on the Planning Board, I offer stability and historical perspective to the Board. I’d appreciate your vote for me for a Three Year Term on the Wilton Planning Board. Thank you!

Bill Keefe – Candidate Statement

Bill KeefeI’m Bill Keefe and have been your Moderator since 2008. I was initially appointed to fill the term of Dick Rockwood after he was elected to the Board of Selectman and have been elected every two years since. Prior to that I had served on the Wilton Budget Committee for 18 years.  I also served as Chairman of the Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Budget Committee for 5 years.

The Moderator has two main functions which are dictated by the New Hampshire Constitution, statutes and tradition going back 262 years. This first is to supervise and manage elections. This takes up the most time especially in years, such as 2024, when we have 4 of them; Presidential primary, Town elections, State primary and the general election. Next year will be easier since we only have one election (for Town offices.)

The Moderator’s second function is moderate Town Meeting so that all voices can be heard while also keeping the meeting flowing.

As a citizen and longtime veteran of the Budget Committee, I have strong opinions, lots of them. But as Moderator, I keep most of them to myself.  On the plus side, this also means I get to tell pollsters that I can’t talk to them since I am Moderator. But even when I may feel that a proposal is unwise, I try to make sure that both sides are heard and that my opinions have not shaped the argument.

Paige Anderson – Candidate Statement

Paige AndersonMy name is Paige Anderson, and I am running for the position of Supervisor of the Checklist.  My husband and I have lived in Wilton since June 2020; we have lived in southern New Hampshire for the last 30 years. I graduated from Southern NH University with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and a Masters’ degree in Organizational Leadership; I also hold a graduate certificate in Labor Relations from Cornell University. My career in Human Resources has progressed over the last 25+ years - working for various manufacturing companies in southern New Hampshire. I currently work from home, remotely supporting plants from Vermont down to North Carolina. The professional skills that I have developed during my career – strong people skills, high attention to detail, understanding the importance of accurate data as well as a strong focus for continuous improvement and development -- are aligned with the skills necessary in the role of Supervisor of the Checklist. My husband and I love the small town feel of our town – we are so blessed to have found our place in the woods.  You may have seen me and our pups, Lucky and Bella walking around town – downtown or around Pead Hill/Center Road. I am running for Supervisor of the Checklist as this will provide me with the opportunity to become more involved in and serve our community. I understand that there will be a learning curve for me, but I am up to the challenge.   I look forward to acquiring a better understanding of the procedures and regulations as they relate to the voting process and elections. I also look forward to meeting and working with (and for) the people - elected positions, volunteers, and the voters. Please consider voting for me on March 12th. Thank you.

David E. Anderson – Candidate Statement

David AndersonMy name is David Anderson and I am running for the position of Select Board.   My wife and I have lived in Wilton since June 2020; we have lived in southern New Hampshire for the last 30 years. I am running for the Select Board position as I want to be more involved with the town; my time of sitting on the sidelines is over.  While I do not possess experience specific to this position, I do bring life experience and the viewpoint of the average taxpayer. The most important issue for me and many local taxpayers are property taxes.   I believe that if we can attract and bring new businesses to town, then we could lessen the tax burden on town residents. Just as important to me is public safety – police, fire, and ambulance.I believe that ongoing conversations about a school resource officer are critical given the state of the current climate.  We should also take a closer look at infrastructure – water and sewer in the downtown and surrounding area. I would appreciate your consideration and vote on March 12th. Thank you!

Stephanie Horrell -- Candidate Statement

Stephanie HorrellMy name is Stephanie Horrell, and I’m running for re-election for Supervisor of the Checklist. My husband and I have lived in Wilton since 2019, but I have lived in southern New Hampshire all my life and graduated from UNH with a degree in politics. My family and I have fallen in love with our little community. Often, you may see my three kids and me taking walks downtown or playing in the park. Our town is a beautiful place to live with much to offer. This led me to run for Supervisor of the Checklist to serve in the community. The position itself is nonpartisan and requires one to learn the regulations and procedures regarding the voting process. In the past three years, I’ve worked to learn these in order to serve our town, and I have enjoyed helping all of you with the election process and getting to know many of you, as well as my fellow supervisors and those who volunteer at elections. It is an honor to help ensure our town has fair and trustworthy elections. Please consider voting for me on March 12th.

Tom Schultz -- Candidate Statement

Tom SchultzMy name is Tom Schultz and I am running for the open position on the Wilton, New Hampshire Select Board.  I have previously served as the Chairman of both the Wilton Water Commission as well as the Wilton Sewer Commission serving on both boards for over 10 years along with being a Life Member of the Wilton Ambulance with over 22 years of service. I served on both of the committees that created the town’s first full-time Ambulance Director position as well as the Town Administrator position, and also have been a member of the Wilton Historical Society for many years.  I am 63 years old as of this month being married over 30 years with two adult children.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from Bryant University of Smithfield, RI in Public Management with worked for the State of RI as well as for a NH Congressman as an intern while in college.  I am also a graduate of Wilton-Lyndeborough Co-Op as were my children, and grew up in Wilton now owning my home here for over 25 years. My wife Melissa is the Wilton Deputy Town Clerk and Tax Collector having worked for the town for over 10 years. 

I am running for this position to continue to serve the community that I and my family have lived in for over a century now at the suggestion of the outgoing Selectman Matt Fish.  I would welcome the opportunity to do so and these are my priorities moving forward.  I want to see the town move forward with getting a new Public Works facility located and constructed as soon as possible.  I want to see that the Town Hall building roof be repaired as quickly as possible as well as secondary priority.  I would like to see the County Road and Kingbrook Road Bridges projects being moved forward to completion. 

I also want to note that our most valuable resources are the people who work for the Town in both full-time and voluntary positions and that they need to be supported.  As the spouse of a Town employee as well as a former volunteer for the Town, I understand the sacrifices those positions entail and I will always consider the well-being of our people my first priority. 

Regarding the town’s budget and expenditures:  as a long-time property owner and tax payer I am very much aware of the impact of decisions made to fund projects and pay wages as well as benefits.  That said I am also aware that the bulk of the taxes collected go to the Schools (@ 2 1/4 times the town’s annual budget) and at the end of the day that is where the focus has to be when questions about property taxes are raised, as the Town can only do so much to address mitigating those.  

Thank you for your support and your vote would be most appreciated on March 12th.  Please remember that there are many positions in the Town that could use people to help with so if you’re interested in doing so please contact the Select Board or our Town Administrator.

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